Do you offer refunds?

We will give refunds for any online membership that ASN has not begun work on if you request one before submitting your questionnaire.

Refunds for any in-person training sessions are at the full discretion of ASN.

Can I pay upfront for my entire package?

For all online coaching memberships we only accept monthly recurring payments. For any IPT Packages payment in full is due before each training session.

How often will I be billed?

All monthly subscription products will be billed every month starting the day you sign up. For IPT packages, payment will be due as you run out of paid sessions.

How much notice do you need to cancel my monthly recurring payments?

For any membership that is just month-to-month, no commitment, we need 7-days written notice before your next payment is due.

For the Exclusive Membership, you can cancel anytime as long as the cancellation fee is paid.


Exclusive Membership

Why is this membership exclusive?

We’ve made this membership our cheapest option to work with us for both nutrition and training.  In order to offer this, we’ve attached a 1-year commitment to the Exclusive Membership.

Does it cost anything to cancel this membership?

Yes, there is a 30% Cancellation Fee.

Month-To-Month Packages

Do you have any no-commitment memberships?

We do, you can get Nutrition and/or Training Coaching on a month-to-month subscription basis that can be cancelled at any time.

Can I switch my membership?

You sure can, just let your coach know which membership you want to upgrade to (Quick Coach or Exclusive Membership).

Quick Coach

Should I sign up for the Quick Coach if I don’t have training or nutrition experience?

No!  These packages are only for those who are experienced and don’t need the weekly accountability.

Who is the Quick Coach package best suited for?

This option is best suited for those who want a custom training or macro program on an ongoing monthly basis without much hand-holding.

What is the difference between Quick Coach and the other online coaching packages offered?

When the Coaches of ASN are coaching you hands on, you will do a formal check-in via email on a weekly basis answering a variety of questions about your adherence, gym progress, mindset and more, and get feedback from them. All other packages other than the Quick Coach are more hands-on service with more contact and accountability, and therefore an increased price point. The Quick Coach offers less accountability and monthly check-ins at a lower price point.


Which gym(s) do you offer in-person training services at?

Evolve Strength North.

Do you only train athletes?

Nope!  We help everyone from those who want at-home workouts, bodybuilding style, martial arts strength & condition all the way to those wanting to compete or train for powerlifting.  Shoot us a message and let’s chat about whether ASN can help you with your training goals!

Do you have a cancellation policy for in-person sessions?

We do! We require 24-hours notice to cancel an in-person session. If a cancellation is received less than 24-hour before, ASN reserves the right to charge that session.


Can I gift someone your services?

Yes!  Shoot us an email to discuss the details and how to purchase a gift card.


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