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Helping Individuals Live a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle

We provide quality information that educates people and helps them filter through the misinformation that surrounds the industry.

We Were Voted Edmonton's Best Personal Trainers!

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Coach Britt

I am the Head Nutrition & Wellness Coach, but also a certified Personal Trainer!

I would say I am an anomaly to those who usually end up being fitness coaches.  I grew up in a family that was not health-focused and I wasn’t a competitive sporty kid. In fact, by the time I started college I was 200lbs and very uncomfortable with my weight. Post-college, I began my personal health and fitness journey, which included Beachbody, waist-trainers, detoxes...you name it, I probably tried it. Through all of this, I found a love for powerlifting, focused on my mental health and my why - why I even wanted to lose weight in the first place.

Now, I have a great balance between exercise and recovery, I am realistic about my goals & expectations, I don’t restrict food choices, have learned to properly nourish my body and know how to balance all of that when life throws you those curve balls!

Every single diet or fad that I have tried has made me the person and coach I am today and it is the number one reason I want to help people. I simply do not want anyone else to go through the same roller coaster I went through in order to get to a healthy place. My main goal is to show you that you can have a balanced, healthy life, that your mind is a powerful tool and that you don’t have to go to extremes to be successful at your goals.

Lastly, because education is important and one of ASN's values, I am always committed to continuing my education either by listening to podcasts, reading books, or completing educational courses. I am a firm believer as everything changes and everyone is so unique.


  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Personal Fitness Trainer - Diploma (made the Dean's List 3x!)
  • International Fitness Association Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Certification - Level 1
  • Coaching Association of Canada - Sport Nutrition
  • Women's Coaching Specialist Certification (in progress) 
  • "Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Specialist (in progress)
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Coach Mike

I am the Strength & Conditioning Coach at ASN Coaching.

I have been coaching Strength & Conditioning for about 4 years now and Personal Training for an accumulated 8 years. Fitness became a passion of mine early on. At first it was just a love for playing sports as a kid, then I started learning about human anatomy and physiology and it was fascinating to me. Muscle physiology was one of my favorite subjects and throughout college I trained heavily in Muay Thai kickboxing, dabbled in Jiu Jitsu and weight trained regularly.

I have competed in many local and provincial powerlifting competitions, but the way I was training was not optimal and was not something I could maintain. At that point, I began delving into the science behind muscle strength and hypertrophy and I was shocked at how much things had changed since I was in College. I started taking courses and educating myself as much as possible so I could be up to date with current training methods so I could deliver quality programming for myself and my future clients.

I realized I had it wrong. We are always told to TRAIN HARD! Which is true, yes. But, what we should be hearing is TRAIN SMART and HARD. Training smart means implementing an optimal training program so you see steady progress over time and remain injury free as much as possible while doing so.

Once I figured that out, everything changed. My training feels better, my body feels better and I am able to lift weights that I have never been able to before completely ache and pain free.


  • Certified Powerlifting Coach with Canadian Powerlifting Union
  • Trained Beginner Boxing Instructor with Coaching Association of Canada
  • Personal Training Certification with International Fitness Association
  • Daru Strong Certification (in progress)


Health & Wellness | Education | Respect | Critical Awareness | Compassionate Self-Care